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About Naseeha

Our Mission

We provide confidential counseling services to individuals and communities on a larger scale. Our trained counselors are here to listen, provide emotional support, and offer practical guidance on a range of mental health issues.

Naseeha is a Mental Health Hotline, and so much more.

7 days a week we answer calls from around the world from Muslim and non-muslims. Naseeha Mental Health has been a great bridge for individuals who are going through life’s challenges. Where hope is lost, Naseeha is found. We provide a safe zone for youths and individuals to talk and get the help they need. We provide workshops to youth across North America, web therapy sessions, and offer texting mental health support 7 days a week.

There are many ways in volunteering

Calls needs to be answered, booth’s need to be manned, funds need to be raised, you get the idea If you feel that your up for the challenge, and able to commit, please contact us. In return, you’ll be part of a fun organization, network with great people, learn a lot, and did we mention help people, all at the same time.

Our Mission Statements

For individuals:
Being the first line of contact, we provide confidential counseling services. We empower individuals to establish clear action plans, which may include referrals to local professionals, in order to help people help themselves.
For communities:
We champion civic engagement, advocacy and public awareness by being present in our schools, conducting community workshops, and being directly involved in crisis intervention. Using our analytics, we shift our focus to where it is needed most and drive dialogue within communities
Naseeha’s Outreach and Education department hosts events at schools, masjids and local community centres. These events are focused on educating youth and parents on how to navigate around mental health and the stigma’s it brings. To get the latest news on our events, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our social media platforms.

Our Partners