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Education & Outreach

Naseeha Education Department

At Naseeha we hope to empower individuals through providing knowledge about their mental health.Knowing about your mental health and of those around you, helps you develop better care systems for yourself , for your loved ones and for the society at large. We identify the need in the community through our helpline data and then reach out to the stakeholders to offer educational solutions.

The field of Mental Health has long been stigmatized due to misconceptions and myths surrounding it. The understanding of mental well being is often underrated. At Naseeha, we aim to counter that stigma through creating evidence-based resources developed using knowledge creation, translation and dissemination approaches.

Components of the Education Department

School Programming

Naseeha offers the “Better Together” School program to the Islamic Schools in order to take benefit of our services. Through this programming Naseeha would be providing schools with workshops that cater to mental health needs of the students, parents and teachers. We do this through year long programming of student workshops, Parent Seminars and Teacher PDs. Other perks include hosting fundraiser events, Naseeha swag, an Annual newsletter and much more.

In House Programming

Naseeha Education hosts a teen girls educational program called ‘Elevate’ that takes place weekly. Through this programming our staff intends to build psychosocial skills within the young teens so that they can handle the challenging teen ages with more resilience and emotional strength. The program ties in the teachings of islam with the modern science of psychology and provides the audience with tools to better manage their mental health in a sunnah way.

Community Outreach & Education

Our community is experiencing a dearth of mental health support especially after emerging from the aftermath of Covid 19 and dealing with intergenerational trauma, social pressures and stress due to immigration. In times like these, Naseeha took the step of reaching out to local community centers and mosques to host workshops for its audience. Such workshops aim to increase awareness about common mental illnesses that should not be taken lightly and to equip people with the tools and skills that can help them better take care of their mental health.


Naseeha education would soon be breaking into the virtual world by providing educational series like “Ask a friend” and the recordings from the Elevate programming. These videos will help any one learn from any corner of the world.

Critical Incident Response Team

Our Critical Incident Response Team strives to reduce the psychological distress, isolation, and lasting effects of trauma of tragic events by providing evidence-based interventions and resources that are tailored to the unique needs of the Muslim community. We work to empower individuals by fostering resilience, cultivating empathy, and promoting meaningful connections in their lives.

Here are a few achievements made by the education department in the past few months: