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Helpline & Textline

Naseeha Education Department

At Naseeha we hope to empower individuals through providing knowledge about their mental health.Knowing about your mental health and of those around you, helps you develop better care systems for yourself , for your loved ones and for the society at large. We identify the need in the community through our helpline data and then reach out to the stakeholders to offer educational solutions.

The field of Mental Health has long been stigmatized due to misconceptions and myths surrounding it. The understanding of mental well being is often underrated. At Naseeha, we aim to counter that stigma through creating evidence-based resources developed using knowledge creation, translation and dissemination approaches.

Components of the Education Department

The Helpline

Naseeha is a Muslim mental health helpline that provides culturally competent and spiritually appropriate counseling to diverse populations. This helpline is specifically designed to address the unique mental health challenges faced by Muslims, and it offers confidential and non-judgmental support to those in need. However, those of different faiths or no faith are welcome to use this helpline as well as our counselors are trained in various therapeutic modalities and knowledgeable of the spectrum of mental health issues.

Naseeha's team consists of trained counselors who are familiar with Islamic culture and traditions. They are able to provide counseling on a wide range of mental health issues and life challenges, including anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, and more. They also provide support and guidance on spiritual matters, such as coping with grief, finding purpose in life, and strengthening one's faith.

One of the key features of Naseeha is its emphasis on confidentiality. The helpline is completely anonymous and confidential, which allows callers to feel safe and comfortable when discussing sensitive issues. The service is available 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and callers can reach a counselor through phone or live chat.

Overall, Naseeha is an important resource for Muslim individuals who may be struggling with mental health issues or seeking guidance on spiritual matters. The helpline's culturally competent and spiritually appropriate counseling ensures that all callers receive the support they need in a way that is respectful and sensitive to their unique cultural and religious experiences.

The Textline

Naseeha launched its Textline service in 2021. This textline service is monitored by the same counselors on the helpline and is responsible for responding to individuals in distress in a timely manner. The purpose of this textline service is to ensure that you receive a judgement-free, validating space for you to share your experiences and receive appropriate support. 25% of all Naseeha Mental Health service users access the textline.

Here are a few achievements made by the education department in the past few months: