We are super excited to be hosting Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick along with Dr. Aliya Khan this Sunday May 9th at 9:30 pm EST for our final Ramadan webinar- “Caring for our Elders”. As Muslims, it is part of our duty to look after our loved ones and especially care for our parents. However, the current pandemic can make this more challenging and also what is expected as care can vary based off of ethnicity and race.


During this beneficial evening we will be exploring ways to strengthen our loving relationships by highlighting the elevation of elders in scripture and community traditions.


Highlighting specific concerns elders may be faced with, this webinar shares accessible strategies to address generational conflict, perceived discrimination, prioritizing issues related to aging, the ability to talk openly about aging issues and locating funding to design initiatives.
By utilizing a strengths-based framework to repair, restore and strengthen our loving relationships, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan, by highlighting the elevation of elders in scripture and community traditions as well as fostering meaningful social relations both with younger generations and with same-age peers we hope to address very tangible needs of this demographic (taking care of home, transportation, and physical health*)



So many individuals call us with many concerns. Some contemplating suicide, others addicted to drugs. Your Zakat helps us help the souls of these individuals.