Join us Saturday April 24th at 6PM (EST) For a wonderful interactive session with Noor Kids. The program seeks to provide a mental health platform whereby children can be centered at the discussion around resilience and coping strategies in a Covid pandemic environment.


With the current lock down in place family relationships become strained with fewer outlets for expression by our little ones. This webinar serves as an interactive non-judgmental space whereby participants can reframe their experiences of the pandemic and support their children in the act of crafting Their Own Duah(s).


All You need to do is bring you children, a piece of paper (or their first Duah book) and writing utensil (Pen, Pencil, Favorite Color Marker, etc).


Naseeha and Noor Kids are excited to see you all there! Registration is limited so please pass on to family and friends. Inshallah after this session you will gain a new skill to create beautiful Duah and participate in our TAKE10 Challenge.