Islamic Coping Strategies for dealing with Life's Challenges - Imam Zaid Shakir


Scope of Webinar: The scope of this webinar is geared to provide a platform to openly discuss the correlation between spirituality and mental health. Additionally various coping strategies will be explored that focus on promoting a positive mindset and general wellbeing utilizing Islamic traditions and drawing from tools outlined in the Qu’ran and sunnah. Our callers and service users can feel disconnected during Ramadan despite being inundated with online content and social media streams. By disconnecting from distractions and refocusing our intentions on our relationship with Allah, we can not only reap the rewards of Ramadan but improve our relationships with loved ones.

This webinar serves as an interactive non-judgmental educational platform whereby content-related questions can offer unique knowledge pathways that enlighten our understanding of the subject matter.


Apr 28, 2022 06:00 PM in America/Toronto