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Walk And Talk: Toronto Vigil

On April 29th, our volunteers at Naseeha, took the walk to the next level, walking shoulder to shoulder with the people of Toronto after a senseless act too the city by surprise. Our counsellors were on the streets making sure anyone willing to talk about their feelings had someone to listen to as well as letting people know that we are always there to listen. Thank you to everyone who came out along with the who helped mobilize the Muslim Community to participate.
To be there with them in the crowd, showcased resiliency from Toronto. It felt warm on a very cold day.
Muhsin Kermali
Head of Fund Development

Tonight, we didn’t just share a candlelight, we shared a vision of how close humanity can be.

Over 10 volunteers mobilized the very same street that was the scene of a very tragic incident that many call home. We didn’t feel safe. We didn’t know this can happen so close to home. We wanted to make sure that also took the streets and make us available to anyone who just wanted to talk. Toronto is a very multi-cultural city, and its only fitting that all the resources available come out and showcase what they can do to help.
Greeted by the Prime Minister, it was a very touching moment, where everyone knows that whoever shared the evening that night, shared more than just a candle. We shared a vision of how close humanity and our ummah really is.