Ramadan Mubarak from Naseeha

The entire team at Naseeha would like to wish everyone a very blessed and spiritual Ramadan.  We understand that this Ramadan is going to be different.
No Iftars, No Taraweehs and Coronavirus.
It is a brand new experience that we know is going to be different but Naseeha is #hereforyou and is doing Ramadan different than everyone else.  Something for us and Something for you 🙂  It’s a Ramadan experience only Naseeha could offer

We Have Never Needed Your Help More Then We Do Today

Naseeha Mental Health has been a great bridge for individuals who are going through life's challenges. Where hope is lost, Naseeha is found. We provide a safe zone for youths and individuals to talk and get the help they need.

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $250,000

On the first day of Ramadan alone, we saw a spike of 350% on our phone lines, however, we were only able to answer less than half. We aim to also offer our text line support to 7 days a week by next month. This Ramadan, help us by helping our Muslim youth domestically.

Something For Us

Help Naseeha Raise $60,000 For Our New Therapy Centre and Head Office – Launchgood

Naseeha is a Mental Health Hotline, and so much more.

7 days a week we answer calls from around the world from Muslim and non-muslim youth struggling with issues they are sometimes afraid to speak to their parents or Imams about.  Click here to donate to our infrastructure project.

Never miss the blessings of giving in Laylatul Qadr

MyTenNights automates your donations over the last ten nights of Ramadan, so you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr again.  Click here and never miss the night of power again.

Something For You

Light Up The Nights

Share your Ramadan decoration and win an incredible prize from Muslim Moon.  Naseeha knows how different this Ramadan is going to be and we wanted to do our best to encourage joy and happiness.  Many of you have already decorated your homes and have gotten the home ready for this incredible event.  So lets share the love!  If you can’t invite people into your home lets share pics from your home and get some incredible prizes from Naseeha and Muslim Moon.


  1.  Share a pic of your Ramadan Decor.
  2. Tag Naseeha Mental Health in the post.
  3. Use the hashtag #LightsUpTheNightsWithNaseeha
  4. Share your favourite Ayah/Hadith/quote that is a “light” for you in difficult times.

From Sadness to Sweetness

It’s Spring! but… It might not feel like it. Spring is a time of celebrations, festivals, and enjoying life to the fullest but with Coronavirus and physical distancing that might be impossible.
Birthdays, Weddings, and all delicious things have been shelved for the time being making us all very sad. So to make things sweet Naseeha has partnered with Vanilla Bean Cakery and figured out a way that you can stay home and eat your cake too 🤩
🎉All you need to do is:

1. Like and Share This Post and follow Naseeha
2.  Create a post describing with words or share a picture of the event you are missing.
3. Tag Naseeha – Mental Health on Facebook or 1866naseeha on Instagram
4. Use the #NaseehaSweet in your post

Vanilla Bean Cakery knows how important life events are for our happiness and sense of gratitude. They are graciously offering to create a custom cake or dessert for one lucky winner, in honour of your special event. Something uplifting to help take you from sadness to sweetness!

#hereforyou #NaseehaSweet

If you are an American resident please click here to be routed to our USD account.