COVID-19 Update – The Mental Health Crisis Naseeha was made to handle.

We remain committed to keeping you informed about actions we’re taking, to support you during this time.


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Naseeha Mental Health Videos

To see more of our videos and webinars please visit our YouTube page.

Naseeha and Coronavirus Mental Health Advise:


At Naseeha we take mental health seriously and when Coronvirus struck we knew we had an obligation to help our Nation.  That is why Naseeha has been sharing tips and advice every single day on social media.

These posts are geared towards helping people navigate this very difficult time.

We have also recently launched a short video series providing jewels advice for everyone to implement in your daily lives.

To make sure that our youth stay mentally strong.  Naseeha has launched its Naseeha circles.  These circles give youth the opportunity to interact, ask questions and stay mentally strong during the Coronavirus outbreak.

On top of all these great initiatives we still have our helpline here for you 7 days a week.

If you need someone to talk too or looking to just unload your thoughts give us a call day 1-866-Naseeha or text us 5 days a week.

Webinars For All!

Naseeha knows you are home.  Naseeha knows you are stressed.  Thats why we have developed webinars on many different subjects to educate, entertain and most importantly make you smile.

That is why Naseeha has consulted with Industry Leaders in different fields from Finance to Fitness to give you information that you would find nowhere else. Click here for a listing.

#hereforyou is not just a friendly hashtag it is our promise.  We will be here by the grace of Allah SWT before and after Corona.

We can’t do it without you!


These incredible efforts cannot be done without your support.  We know how important mental health is.  We know the stress and ansiety parents and children are constantly going through during these times.

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