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Behind The Mask – Naseeha Fundraising Gala 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

As we were standing before you last fall, its almost hard to believe that one year has quickly passed by within a blink of an eye. Usually, events take almost as long to plan and execute, all so that every attendee can witness a wonderful event that they can feel celebrated for giving charity.
We value this mandate, and that is why our annual Benefit Gala is a must. As hard as it is to stand before you and discuss what we’ve been busy with and what we plan to do, we ensure that none of our work can be done without your generosity.
Almost a year ago today, we witness milestone after milestone, and after 9 years of operation, do we see ourselves as a credible organization to support the community, but to also be leaders in starting the conversations of mental health and self-care. We live in a fast-paced and competitive environment, that finds our own self in distress while we always try to endeavor the best for others. But now, who will take care of our health?

Our public AGM.

Hosting this event is more than just a beautful evening celebrating our donors and supporters. Its also an event where we hold ourselves accountable by being transparent and having our report card out there so we can be given guidance and feedback.

Our public AGM.

Over the past 3 years, sports and mental health now go hand in hand. Conversations are being made in basketball courts, football fields and on the ice. Having ambassadors in this area not only confirms that we are in trend, but we acknowledge the impact of influence it has on our youth. If they talk, they will listen.
Every year, we sit down over 400 guests at our annual benefit gala to celebrate our donors and supporters of Mental Health. Past keynotes have been Olympic medalist, Ibtihaj Muhammad, NFL star, Hamza Abdullah, and this year we are blessed to have NBA star, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.
Yaseen Poonah
Chair and Co-Founder
This year, we find that identity and showing 2 faces are common in today’s society. With an influx of refugees holding on to their faith and culture while living in a most challenged political climate. How do they adapt? Who do they turn to who they feel they can be understood?
Social media and newsfeeds, become that more depressing. Whether or not your comparing your lifestyle with someone else’s and questioning your choices, or reading ‘fake news’ and not knowing what to believe anymore. These are the times of today and we are faced to raise our children keeping that in mind.
Our 4th annual gala emphasizes about living ‘Behind the Masquerade’ and creating means of making it safe to show your real identity. Creating safe groups or confidential means that we can make everyone feel safe and comfortable again.
We look forward to receiving you again at our Gala on Saturday, November 17th, which we promise, will be an auspicious occasion where we will share more milestones, and create new plans so we can continue to share more with you, insha Allah.