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Worried About a Friend

“Remain united and support one another.”
– Abu Ubaydah ibn al-Jarrah (R.A)

Have you noticed someone who’s close to you experience a change in mood or eating habits? Have they started hanging out with the wrong crowd and you’re unsure what, if anything you can do about it? Do they complain about their conditions at home, leaving you to lie awake at night wondering what your role, as friend should be in this conflict?

Naseeha’s trained peer-to-peer counsellors are here to help. We can offer means for change in this time of crisis by paying special attention to the signs others might miss. Our helpline is committed to nurturing a non-judgemental safe environment for our callers. We pride ourselves on the ability to extend an avenue for support that offers a unique understanding of different cultural and religious sensitivities that predominates a diverse society.

Sometimes it’s hard for someone to see how they are impacting the lives of their loved ones by the choices they make. But those impacts are real and often need to be talked about. Naseeha extends a road map for situations that may seem confusing or overwhelming to you. Making the call is the first step to some relief and clarity. Things may seem unbearable today but there is always a means to something better. Our counsellors are waiting to hear about whatever topic you have on you mind; if you’re worried about a friend – we can help.