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Without our volunteers, we would not be able to do anything that we do here at Naseeha. We value each and everyone of them and in return, they love giving their time in helping others and enjoy doing it. It’s about helping those in difficult times and applying what Islam teaches us in order to improve our humanity.

There are many ways in volunteering. Calls needs to be answered, booth’s need to be manned, funds need to be raised, you get the idea..! If you feel that your up for the challenge, and able to commit, please contact us. In return, you’ll be part of a fun organization, network with great people, learn a lot, and did we mention help people, all at the same time! Contact us for a full job description

“The rights of the believer over the believer are six…” And he mentioned among them: “When he seeks your sincere and selfless advice, you must give it to him.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


HomelifeBecome a Counsellor

Counsellors are trained with an in-depth module that covers the fundamentals of the role and its responsibilities. Represent Naseeha externally for public education, networking and awareness projects. Minimum 1 year contract.

DepressionBecome a Fundraiser

Quite possibly, one of the most important role in the organization. Creating new initiatives and fundraising events throughout the community. Set goals, reach them and get rewarded. More ways than one. Want more info? Contact us to find out!

Issue Icons_smallBecome an Ambassador

Is our number unknown in your city? Why not help us bring Naseeha there! As an ambassador, you represent Naseeha and help us create a team around you to orchestrate being involved in events by participating, advertising and interacting!

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