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A sister in need of HELP

So much misery in my lifetime,
though strength and hope i tried to keep within,
confused, used, broken, i feel so unreal,
Deep down though I know Allah is very near,
He truly knows what its like to be in my shoes,
I yearn for his closeness,
but lately i feel like i’m loosing patience,
as things only get worser,
i cant even utter to any measure,
that the dilemma i face today is out of question,
this pain is eating me out,
as i try to fight these evil thoughts,
”There is no way out, suicide is merely the only option,”
these words echo on and on,
I know indeed though,
suicide is only a permanent solution to a
to a temporarily problem,
and the punishment is verily unthinkable,
so here I write to you,
as i still imagine there’s hope,
despite of all the odds,
please, please, help me.