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I have Gay thoughts..

I live in the Rochdale area I need is help because the thing is that I am in my teens my age is 19 you see thing is that I feel that I am attracted to boys the way they look and whey they are shirtless I cant keep eyes of there chest when they are shirtless I don\’t know why or when I see there faces I find them very attractive to the other sex but I know its wrong because boys only can be your friends only I don\’t want to be gay and the thing is that when some one say that we want to see your private parts I show them by my own will it makes feel so sick inside I just cant help it don’t like the same sex because it is bad in Islam and it is consider as evil act I want to change so bad I want to like women that are my age but I cant it is killing me indie and I cant tell any one because my family will disown me if they get to know so today I ask for help before it is to late.