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Our Promise To You.

• Setting a private and anonymous surrounding with the caller is very important to us. We value the trust that our callers give to us and we do whatever it takes to keep that trust.

• A Toll-free phone number accessible to all youths available across North America

• Totally Confidential and anonymous service to ensure our callers are able to discuss their matters in a private and comfortable setting

• Our number will not be displayed on your phone bill

• We do not record calls, request any of your personal contact information and share any matters expressed by our callers

• All of our counsellors are trained in Islamic counselling. Both male and female counsellors are between the ages of 18-30. By providing peer to peer counselling, we build trust through our qualified and young counsellors, and omit the generation gap and cultural restrictions of an adult run service

• Please feel free to end the conversation at any point throughout the call. If you feel uneasy, simply hang up, and no one will call you back. No question asked.

If you have any additional questions or require any additional information, please contact us.