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Marriage & Divorce

Getting married or even maintaining a relationship within husband and wife is becoming more pressured due to various circumstances. In-laws, kids, financial situations or even cultural barriers can ge

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One of the most pressing issues facing young Muslims is the easy access to free and infinite amount of pornography. Internet, music video’s and movies makes it more prominent and almost gives you th

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Domestic Issues

The United Nations defines domestic abuse as “Any act of gender-based violence that results in physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts in public

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Bullying, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common in schools and even at the workforce. With the internet becoming more popular and in almost every household, cyber-bullying is evident more th

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Family relationships are the most crucial relationships that you will be in. The relationship between parents, siblings, elders, and the opposite sex all have to be dealt in respective fashion. Islam

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With over 3 million Muslims and counting in N.America, the Muslim community, overcoming its 3rd generation, is now extremely diverse, and includes varying beliefs and practices, which are entrenched i

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Drugs & Alcohol

Sometimes, being involved in crowds or parties, there will be a situation where you may be exposed to drugs and alcohol, maybe for the first time. You may be thinking about trying it, or figuring even

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Mental Health

Mental Health relates to an individual’s level of emotional, mental and psychological wellness. A mental health issue may be reflected in a person’s inability to manage everyday situations or pers

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