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Starting on Monday, Naseeha, has been given the ability to log its calls thanks to the iCarol Call Management Software. They are a leading software company that specialize in resources for Not-for-Profit Helpline Organizations. This is a milestone for us, which will let us manage the way we answer our calls. Up until now, we were using a Google database that we created to enter our call information. There were challenges with that because at times, stats were not being pulled properly and we were never confident if we got all the information we needed. However, with iCarol, it opens up a whole new dimension letting us manage various elements that are important, from managing shifts for our counsellors, creating an online database for our SLC’s, logging detailed Call Logs and pulling up stats instantly.

With our channels of communication opening up to an online chat and exposing to email inquiries, its more important than ever, to log every call that comes in.

Of course, with professional software and licensing costs, software like iCarol do become costly based on the call volume Naseeha handles. With help with a substantial discount from iCarol because of our work we do and from generous private donors who pledge monthly,  we were able to lock down and make the commitment now. We hope to have the results of our works more visible now and provide vital information for the first time in regards to our Muslim Youth and their demographics.

For more information of iCarol, please visit their website at

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