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The Naseeha Advocacy is set as a standard in order to empower and engage the young Muslims of N. America to better their lives and the people around them. By providing continuous training and creating new programs for the youth, we aim to work together with different organizations regardless of religion, who’s visions are the same.  By producing statistics from our calls and providing them to like minded organizations and community leaders, we seek to strengthen their scope and understanding on the matters that effect their community the most with proven demographic and statistical facts. Never before, has raw numbers been provided to represent the muslim youth and engage higher level governments a conscience mind on the issues that they face.

  1. To be a leading help resource centre for the youth
  2. To engage the community in creating awareness of taboo issues that exists within Muslim youth
  3. To provide statistics and raw data to the community

Stay tuned on this page to read more on the campaigns we are involved in and the organizations that we work with….